Green-house is one of the leading Irish suppliers of the highest quality and specification underfloor
heating systems on the market for domestic and commercial installations of any size.

Advantages of underfloor heating


Underfloor heating provides radiant heat – the most comfortable form of heat because it ‘radiates ‘ evenly, gently upwards and comes from the entire floor area – providing warm feet and a cooler ceiling for a cool head!!

Health and safety

Draughts and are all but eliminated and the moisture content of the room is also typically much lower – the circulation of dust and dust mites is therefore significantly reduced. It operates typically at temperatures no warmer than the palm of your hand, making a much safer and more comfortable environment, particularly for young children.


Although installation of underfloor heating is slightly more expensive than conventional radiators – the benefits far outweigh the costs. It has been shown that underfloor heating typically offers savings of 15% to 25% on the household heating bill.

Heatpump Compatible

Underfloor heating opens up the world of renewable energy for a home. Heatpumps ( Air Source & Geothermal) are designed to work in conjunction with underfloor heating systems as they operate a lower temperature.This results in very low running costs in comparison with conventional gas and oil boiler system.


Good quality thermostats are at the heart of a properly designed underfloor heating system. Each zone (or room) has an adjustable thermostat, providing heat and/or hot water only when it is needed, thereby saving on energy costs.

Floor Coverings

Tiles and stone floors heat up quickest, but most timber floors whether solid or floating are equally compatible with underfloor heating. Carpet is also very popular and comfortable with underfloor heating.

Green-floor have experience in all forms of Underfloor Heating. Some examples of floor types we have expertise in installing can be seen below.