Liquid Floor Screed

Green-house have specialised in liquid screed installations for over 10 years. Our liquid screed can be laid quickly and set with ‘spirit-level’ accuracy. This makes our screed the perfect solution for underfloor heating for both residential and commercial projects.


Greenhouse would recommend aiming to pour a liquid screed at an average depth of 45mm. This average depth is fully dependant on the concrete sub floor level. Our expert team will use tripods and a laser to set the floor level perfectly to make sure you have enough cover over your underfloor heating pipes while giving you a perfectly level floor. Minimum screed depth will be 36mm and our maximum recommended screed depth would be 60mm.

  • Liquid screed is a self-levelling product resulting in a perfect level every time.
  • Liquid screed is generally 45mm which complements our underfloor heating systems perfectly making it far more responsive and efficient.
  • Improved u-values for the house. No shrinkage or cracks.
  • Our team can pour up to 700m² per day and the screed can take light footfall in 12 hours.
  • The screed can be force dried after seven days.
  • Much faster to apply than traditional sand and cement screeds.
  • Laser levelling tripod system used to expertly lay the flattest floor possible.
  • Screed is suitable for pouring over a timber joist and plywood setup.
  • Three weeks to dry fully – we will provide a moisture test to confirm.