Standard Solid Floor Install

This type of installation is the standard form of underfloor heating. Underfloor Heating Manifolds are assembled, and wall mounted. Clip rail is interlocked and laid at 90° to the direction of the pipe run. Pipe transitions are calculated so as not to cross over pipes. The underfloor heating pipe is laid either onto insulation for a screed system. The pipe is laid generally set 150mm centres. Additional fixings, pipe clips for screed system are used to secure the pipe. Each continuous loop is connected to the manifold by way of compression fittings. Where specified, a pump and mixer pack are fitted to the manifold assembly and the mixing valve set to minimum. The underfloor heating system is filled with water from the mains supply and air is purged from the system. Finally, a 45mm Liquid screed (Hemi-hydrate) is poured over the insulation. This liquid screed will be held in by the plastic and side membrane we have installed until it sets. Our screed is a quick setting screed which allows light footfall after 24 hours.