Variotherm Floor Solution

A floor heating system that requires no conventional screed and that is easy to install. That is suitable for renovation and new build and is light, slim, but with a high output. All this is combined in the 20 mm VarioComp floor heating system, which is perfect for renovations as there is no need to dig down for height for a traditional underfloor heating system. The selected area is cleared and the VarioComp panels are fitted to the floor. The specially milled routing in the panel guarantee fast laying on all even subfloors. The VarioProFile pipe is then laid and at the same time immediately stably fixed into place with the pipe running back to the installed underfloor heating manifold. Finally, the VarioComp filling compound is poured over the boards and levelled off. The floor finish can be fixed after a s short drying period of a minimum of 24 hours.